Friday, November 30, 2007

Chaos #2

Norm has had some roof issues. There are a couple of sections that had been subject to big leaks. Especially after prolonged periods of heavy rain. Here is a picture of Norm's endless shed project, which had become exceptionally wet recently. On top of this problem, it was also recently concluded that Norm should host the family Christmas celebration. Again.

It would seem our surly-backwoodsman has the appropriate location to accomodate everyone. (And also the layout that would allow the kids to run about, without hindering the drinking adults.) Norm thinks this is great. Unfortunately the leak situation would prove troublesome if it actually rained.

So Norm strapped on his balls and lugged 10 gallons of roof patch, (aka:tar) up his ladder onto the roof, and went to work speading the stuff into the problem areas. It comes in 5 gal. buckets, and works nicely off a flat drywall knife. (Norm has heard of people using push brooms to move it, but he has had the best luck using hand spreaders.)

The leaks are now 99% gone.

Norm Tip #27

Norm says, "Used is sometimes better than new."

Friday, November 02, 2007

Would You Drive it? #11

Norm has suddenly got a serious woody for the Jeep CJ-7. These were manufactured until the mid-1980s before they were replaced by the Wrangler. If Norm could find a cheap one he would buy it!!