Thursday, April 27, 2006

Norm Tip #3

Norm says, "Bring a jimmy even is she says she just wants to hang-out as friends. You would be amazed at what friendship means these days."

Cool Tek #2

Norm is back with the ever popular product review post. These screw-in fluorescent bulbs have recently become quite affordable and the technology is amazing. Although the light temperature is not quite as warm as your standard incandescent bulbs, they're much warmer than your standard fluorescent. They take about one second to come on, so there is a slight delay. But the energy savings is amazing. A 40W output requires only 10W of energy. A 60W output requires only 13W of energy. And a 100W output requires only 23W of energy.

These bulbs work really well with fixtures that require multiple bulbs. And with fixtures that have covers. (It offsets the effects of the light on your eyes.) I found by carefully mixing about 18 bulbs throughout my home I shaved about 550W of energy off my grid. The bulbs last for 5 years.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Norm's Poll #2

Norm has created another poll. And once again, he'll go first.

What were your favorite toys growing up?
Norm has fond memories of his G.I. Joe collection and Legos.

Have you ever had phone sex?
Norm doesn't understand the concept. Call him and explain.

How many hours of sleep to you get a night?
For Norm, it varies. Although if possible, he would stay in bed all day. Sleep is underated in our society.

When on a date, how do you know it gonna be a good one?
When she invites Norm inside for a drink. Or when she reaches out for Norm's hand.

Do you hold the door for the sick and the elderly?
Norm always holds the door.

When you go to the movies, do you buy there or bring your own snacks?
Norm buys there. That's the whole point of going.

Where is your favorite city?
Norm is naturally inclined to say Boston, but there are many places yet to explore.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Elvis Room #4

Norm got the light fixtures installed. Now Norm needs his white jumpsuit. He feels a song coming on.

Norm Tip #2

Norm says, "If you insist on getting busy on the couch, put a towel under her ass. You'll thank Norm later."

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Elvis Room #3.1

Well this project has certainly taken longer than Norm expected. But things are moving a little quicker now. The main wall was closed, the whole room primed, and a textured stucco finish applied to main wall and ceiling. Then the finish yellow was put on today. Norm likes it, but a second coat may be necessary to really make it pop. Norm also wired the first speaker terminal, and started to wire the first light. Norm is now going to have some liquid refreshment.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Norm Tip #1

Norm says, "If you bang your thumb with a hammer, put some ice on it."

Cool Tek #1

One of the easiest, cheapest and quickest improvement one can do is paint. A paint make-over can completely transform a living area. But one of the biggest obstacles to painting is bleed-through. This is common mostly with older homes. Water stains, wallpaper, wood knots, etc. discolor the fresh paint and re-emerge on the surface. In the past, I had found only an oil-based stainblock was efficient way of solving the problem. But it was very stinky and took forever to dry. (Not a good option when you have to live in the place you're painting!!)

Well, Masterchem has come out with a primer sealer called Premium Kilz. It's water-based, so clean-up is super easy! It has a really low odor, and dries in about an hour!! But best of all? It kicks butt!! I found it works as good as the oil-based stuff. This is a great product, it dries to a brilliant white, leaving a flawless surface for the final coat.

It is a little pricey, running about $25-$30 a gallon. But it will save you money and time in the long run. (Just read the label in the store before you buy it, to make sure it's the right sealer for you.)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Norm's World #1

Here's a picture of a deck Norm built a few years ago. Not super special in itself, well with the exception it was the first and only deck Norm has ever built. (Norm's proud of the simple design.) Anyhoo, it's the reason why the deck was built where lie the story. As the homestead is 180+ years old, it rests on a stone foundation. Serious stone folks. This is a time and era prior to quarries and trains.( I will post photos in the future!)

Massive granite blocks, weighing hundreds of pounds, were built to line the dug basements. Horse and man were the assembled teams. These were blocks pulled from the ground. I am sure they shaped them a little, but only with hammer and chisel. But they still got everything square and even. While Norm is dealing with some issues of erosion here and there, the stone foundations of New England have stood the test of time.

But right under this deck sits a massive concrete block. Norm had discovered water was pouring in during bad weather, and when it froze, had begun to crack the rock. The soil had eroded over time and left a crevice. Norm elected to backfill the exposed stone with concrete. Hand mixing close to 100 bags, he filled in the area, and created a great platform for a deck.

And since the deck's frame is bolted into the main beams of the barn, it provides additional structural support. Upon finishing the deck, Norm built a picnic table. It's where he sits and thinks and drinks a cold beer on a hot summer day.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Norm's Poll #1

As Norm sits here in front of the computer screen, drinking a beer and scratching his ass, he wonders out-loud, "What do all those hot girlie bloggers have that I don't?" Of course the answer would be: a viewers poll. So with a fart and a burp I offer this opportunity for you all to answer some silly questions. Me first.

Which President do you admire the most?
George Washington.

Have you ever had sex on a first date?

Do you believe in UFOs?
Not sure.

Name a phrase you dislike.
That's hot.

Most memorable experience on a plane? (Good or bad.)
Flying over the North Atlantic to Iceland during sunrise. Amazing.

When checking out the opposite sex, what do you look at first?
The ass.

Who is your favorite Painter?
(This is a tough question!! I thought it would be easy, but it isn't.)
Edward Hopper.