Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fish Wish List #1

Norm thinks two of these yellow damsel fish would work well with his Niger Trigger fish. They're tough little buggers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Projects #3

Norm is thinking of adding new members to his salt water tanks. Nothing major. But he is getting tired of having to scrape the glass all the time. Some snails and a few fish might brighten the scene. With marine tanks, getting the critters acclimated to the water is an involved task, and since there haven't been any new members for a couple of years, Norm is a little hesitant.

Winter Perspective #4

By all accounts, Norm figures most New Englanders should just hibernate until spring. It's that crazy. A typical NE winter brings in some crazy, deep snowstorms. But the pattern usually has them blowing out to sea, and we would normally get bright blue skies the next day. This winter season is different. We're talking low light, stew storms. Mixed rain/sleet/snow that goes on for days. In the past two weeks we have not had over 24 hours of sunlight. Even for Norm, it's been tough.

Friday, February 01, 2008

iTunes #2

Norm has a mixed view on the band U2. They are indeed amazing musicians, and have produced great albums over the years. But it is difficult at times for Norm to really get into their music. One song in particular has always been a favorite: Red Hill Mining Town, from the 1987 Joshua Tree album.