Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rural Living #2

Norm's posts have been far and few between, and much of that has been due to projects and the weather. Call it what you will, but owning a home really results in a myriad of emotions and situations. At times over the years, Norm has felt he was in control. But other times it has felt more like a series of marathons. Only one is never sure what the actual running distance is.

As posted earlier, Norm did have an encounter with a deer. And this resulted the loss of his transportation. And while he has been relying on the girlfriend and friends, he needs a new ride. (A new used ride.) With the cost of gas more than milk, Norm has certainly been dragging his heels in this quest. A clean SAAB 900 would be nice. And while Norm sees many on the road, finding one in good condition for under $6000 is going to be tough. (The picture posted is from some European collection!! What a beauty!!)