Friday, February 23, 2007

Big Buddy #2

If you go back to Norm's second post, you will see a picture of a Great Dane. He's been in love with Stinky for about a year now. It's a Brokeback Mountain love, as they're both males living in the great outdoors. Big Buddy just doesn't sit around and wait for Stinky to come out. Big Buddy now pushes open the door and comes in. And Big Buddy now comes with Little Buddy. Both from the same home. It's quite a sight to see these two outside running about, looking for Stinky. Norm did panic when Little Buddy showed Big Buddy how to get into the barn. That was interesting.

Now Norm is watching all of this from his computer. And Stinky is whining in the other room because he wants to go out, too. Unfortunately, that's good for about thirty seconds, and then Stinky becomes so overwhelmed he runs back to the safety of his bed. But none of these antics prepared Norm for Little Buddy's attempted conquest. And if you think the picture is funny, you should of seen the actual event. It's a torrid love triangle. And Little Buddy has made his move.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Norm's World #18

Well, Norm is going talk a little about the weather. It's been crazy this season. For the first half of the winter it was balmy. It freaked Norm out. We're talking no snow, no cold in December. During the first two weeks of January, Norm's lawn was still green. Then in mid-January a furious wind-storm hit New England, pulling all kinds of trees down with ice and rain. And then the ass-biting cold began. Norm's talking Canadian cold. Below freezing everyday with a wind chill. So it feels like 15 degrees below zero. The river is frozen all the way across. Norm would not be surprised if the ice is over a foot thick!! Of course Stinky has to head for the one part of the river that is not frozen!

Stinky, if you go in, you may not come out!!

Opps, my bad Norm. Let's go inside and you can give me more foods.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Norm Tip #20

Norm says, "A bird in hand is gonna make one heck of a mess."

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Norm's World #17

Norm is pretty sure this is one of the beavers that inhabit the local waters. There are otters, but they're slinky and long. Both types of creatures love to sit on the ice and eat!

Norm Tip #19

Norm says, "Always ask old girlfriends if they've lost weight."