Monday, October 29, 2007

Chaos #1

Norm realizes that one's home is never really finished. That's the absolute reality of owning something. It's never finished. And Norm recommends anybody considering the role of homeowner, embrace this fact.. It's work, and if you accept it, and not fight it, you might just be able to keep up with the chores. Here is a picture of Norm's apple tree, which happily drops it's fruit onto Norm's lawn. Sure it's pretty, but each year Norm has to spend a couple of hours hauling the stuff away. And there is no way to simply ignore the mess. But recently Norm has come to accept this as a really cheap workout. No gym membership required.

(Note: Chaos is Norm's new posting series which will take a more analytical view of property ownership, the constant path of repair every homeowner will travel, and the rewards this journey may bring.)

Norm Tip #26

Norm says, "The best time to test your heating system is before the cold weather arrives."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Norm's World #36

It's been crazy for Norm. This beaver situation has been exhausting. Here is a shot of one of their older versions of the dam they keep rebuilding, (and Norm keeps pulling it apart) across a 25 ft. span. Recently Norm just opted for a peroid of peace, and let them build it into a mighty industrial version, which had the river flooding the rock formation Norm used to sit on. After three days of heavy rain, Norm had to muster his man energy and pull it apart. All the sticks and logs were imbedded in a deep mud wall under the water, which adds to the thrill of the pointed wooden ends.