Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Norm Tip #14

Norm says, "If you learn a new trick in bed, don't rush home to show your husband."

Norm's World #12

Well summer is here, and Norm is sitting in front of his fan. It is too hot to unload the ton of yard crap that sits in the back of his trusted Chevy pick-up. This shot was taken on the opposite site of Norm's yard, away from the pool area. This is actually looking downhill. Norm had to cut his way into the forest to create a drop-off spot for all the plant shit he's been collecting recently. He then, with great caution, backed the truck down his side lawn and into the entrance. It was a one-shot deal. He almost hit the pine tree on the left. That baby ain't moving until it is unloaded. When will that be? The boss will be over tonight. Ask her.